Online Counsellingfriend

Breakthroughs in therapy are few and far between but there is one innovation that I believe will make a big difference to clients – the use of Zoom or Microsoft Teams.  That’s because it allows one of the most important aspects of real therapy to take place and that is the regular as clockwork weekly appointment and it’s the regularity of the sessions that make all the difference. 

Zoom or Microsoft Teams is software that you can easily and safely download off the internet for free. You can use video Zoom or Microsoft Teams on your PC, laptop, TV and even your mobile phone.

For people who are unable, for whatever reason, to see a counsellor in person, online counselling using Zoom or Microsoft Teams, has been the answer for well over a decade or more.  The growing body of research into online counselling has established the efficacy of online therapy with treatment outcomes at least equal to traditional in-office settings.

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